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2-FMA4-FMA is a research chemical or substance that research is fairly recently discovered, so the effects are not yet well known. 4-FMA is not fit for human consumption and comes in shape of a white powder. The effect is similar to 4-FMP, though it seems is stronger and longer lasting. 4-FMA is a CYP450 inhibitor, which means that this research chemical prevents the metamphetamine metabolism. This increases its potency and duration of the effect. Would you like to buy 4-FMA? The recommended dose for 2-FMA, 4-FMA is around 50mg for small effect, up to 200mg for a more powerful effect.Buy 2-FMA online

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2-FMA for sale online, 4-FMA , 4-Fluoromethamphetamine is a stimulant drug related to methamphetamine and 4-fluoroamphetamine. little is known about its pharmacology or toxicology as yet It was first detected from legal highs sold in Japan in 2006 . It was initially reported to be contained as an ingredient in some of the range of party pills sold internationally by the Israeli company Neorganics from around 2006 onwards, but this was later shown to be incorrect and this ingredient was eventually identified as the closely related compound 2-fluoromethamphetamine is considered a Schedule 9 substance in Australia under the Poisons Standard (October 2015). A Schedule 9 substance is a substance which may be abused or misused, the manufacture, possession, sale or use of which should be prohibited by law except when required for medical or scientific research, or for analytical, teaching or training purposes with approval of Commonwealth and/or State or Territory Health Authorities.Buy 2-FMA online

6 reviews for 2-FMA

  1. Richard.hill

    A wonderful, high purity product, it’s doubtful one could find better. Amazing commununication and customer service; my order wasn’t straightforward; it was kind of complicated but it was no problem for them. Arrived overseas in a week max, maybe less; by EMS (IMO best overseas carrier)

  2. Justin T

    I’ve been researching various chemicals from these guy and every product I’ve bought has been of outstanding purity. This Eti powder, the same.
    Why go anywhere else? Stealth packaging could not be better.They’re simply the bollox!

    I also got a very clean tester of 2-FMA thrown in.

  3. Alex

    They are legit. This is a great company. Great customer service and can attest to the quality of the etiz. Can’t go wrong here folks!

  4. deemasta313

    I’ve used this vendor twice now. Well, since I like this vendor so much, and the way they conduct themselves… I have been telling everybody about rcbestsell.
    So you can’t go wrong with rcbestsell, and the etizolam is a very high quality.
    Lab tests confirmed through gcms and NMR analysis.
    Thanks coca-droppers.com !!!

  5. tobydog412

    Shipping so fast, stealth so good, quality to match. Even got some extra. The only way to go!

  6. StevMano

    One of my best and reliable sources.

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