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3-CEC is a compound listed as a cathinone. Cathinone is also known as benzoylethanamine, which is found in the plant the Catha edulis which makes it very similar to methcathinone, cathine, and other amphetamines that are known to create a stimulant effect. Cathinones help in releasing dopamine while slowing the re-uptake of serotonin, epinephrine, and norepinephrine into the central nervous system.Buy 3-CEC online

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  1. Jennifer Menny

    A friend from Europe recommended me Coca-droppers.com and am here for my first time. I cant wait to do business with you guys. Just place my order and will be anxiously waiting for delivery.

  2. John Lewis

    I felt this was not going to happen when the customer service told me they ship from USA. I never knew this could get to Canada because of the custom and everything. But you proved your professionalism and am gonna tell my friends. It’s hard to get legit rc vendors here in Canada. You will be hearing from us soon with more orders ❤️

  3. Andrew Leven

    Best Online Pharmacy. I live in Montreal and it is not easy to get quality drugs and research chemicals like the ones i got from you. You are simply the best.

  4. Bandit Moral

    Perfect Job you Guys are doing,i never believed until i received my order this morning,will be back for a huge order

  5. Preety G

    Cudos Guys

  6. Jonny M

    Im impressed, although delivery took longer than expected.

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