BIO Cocaine 92% AA++ ( Top Quality )

///BIO Cocaine 92% AA++ ( Top Quality )

BIO Cocaine 92% AA++ ( Top Quality )


(9 customer reviews)

This BIO cocaine is a bit more expensive cause of the longer production process and is not as pure as others but it contains no chemicals!


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Also known as benzoylmethylecgonine or coke, is a strong stimulant mostly used as a recreational drug.  It is commonly snorted. Mental effects may include loss of contact with reality, an intense feeling of happiness, or agitation. Physical symptoms may include a fast heart rate, sweating, and large pupils. Effects begin within seconds to minutes of use and last between five and ninety minutes.Buy BIO Cocaine online

Extracted from coca leaves, cocaine was originally developed as a painkiller. It is most often sniffed, with the powder absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal tissues.Buy BIO Cocaine online

Cocaine is a strong central nervous system stimulant that increases levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine in brain circuits regulating pleasure and movement.

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Pure cocaine was originally extracted from the leaf of the Erythroxylon coca bush, which grew primarily in Peru and Bolivia. After the 1990s, and following crop reduction efforts in those countries, Colombia became the nation with the largest cultivated coca crop. Today, cocaine is a Schedule II drug, which means that it has high potential for abuse but can be administered by a doctor for legitimate medical uses, such as local anesthesia for some eye, ear, and throat surgeries.

Cocaine is generally sold on the street as a fine, white, crystalline powder and is also known as “coke,” “C,” “snow,” “flake,” or “blow.” Street dealers generally dilute it with inert substances such as cornstarch, talcum powder, or sugar, or with active drugs such as procaine (a chemically related local anesthetic) or amphetamine (another stimulant). Some users combine cocaine with heroin-in what is termed a “speedball.”

There are two chemical forms of cocaine that are abused: the water-soluble hydrochloride salt and the water-insoluble cocaine base (or freebase). When abused, the hydrochloride salt, or powdered form of cocaine, can be injected or snorted. The base form of cocaine has been processed with ammonia or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and water, and then heated to remove the hydrochloride to produce a smokable substance. The term “crack,” which is the street name given to freebase cocaine, refers to the crackling sound heard when the mixture is smoked.

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Additional information

CAS number


Molar mass

303.36 g · mol -1 (base)

Melting point

98 ° C (base) [1]
195 ° C (hydrochloride)

9 reviews for BIO Cocaine 92% AA++ ( Top Quality )

  1. Tommy

    You can taste the difference to a standard coke.

  2. Zack

    This is some good ass shit!!

  3. Russel

    This really was new to me. It really smells and tastes more “natural”.

  4. Dexxy

    Im reselling this coke. Everyone wants it once tried!

  5. Alex

    Great cocaine.

  6. Besting

    Your website is real mehn.. got the shit asap. coke is the best

  7. Resilina

    Waited for long but got it though. real quality bio coke. nice one cocaine gen

  8. lawson

    Was skeptical buy nice quality coke. well-done

  9. Joseph

    This shit is cool. thanks guys coming for more deals.

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