Buy Mickey LSD Tabs

50 x mickey LSD tab 260 micro grams (260UG) from pure crystal

Dosage: 100ug to 130 ug
1 hit – light – medium trip, enough for beginners or inexperienced users to get a basic feeling on what LSD is.
You will experience an enhancement of colors and sounds and a general shift of consciousness.

Buy Mickey Mouse LSD Tabs

Dosage: 130ug to 155ug
1 hits – medium – strong trip, suitable for most of the experienced users.
Visuals can be strong on this dose and you might have some problems with communicating with others if you are sensitive.

Dosage: 250ug 255ug 265ug
1 hits – strong – a very strong trip, if you don’t have a tolerance, better stay in a safe place and prepare to sink deeply into your mind

Dosage: 500ug 750ug
1 hits well, if you take such a dose, I suppose that you really know what you are doing 🙂 welcome to our Den!

Buy Mickey LSD Tabs