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IUPAC name: (RS)-1-Phenyl-2-(1-pyrrolidinyl)-1-pentanone
CAS Number:  14530-33-7
PubChem CID:  11148955
ChEMBL : ChEMBL205082 check
Formula: C15H21NO
Molar mass: 231.339 g·mol−1


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4 reviews for A-PVP

  1. Dale S

    After many months of trying to find a reliable RC supplier, I stumbled on Coca-droopers from a google search. Since then, they have really been helpful. Five star for their services and 5 star for their product purity.

  2. Sidhu098

    I ordered 50 grams of apvp and 20 g of mdvp, which one I start with?, I used to vape crystal meth on foil and i love it, but i dont have an access to it now, so i was wondering if apvp is close to crystal meth when vaped on foil? and how much i start with, knowing that i don’t have a scale?

  3. Roger Lewis

    Here I ordered a gram of a-pvp from Coca-droppers and got it delivered to my doorstep 3days ago. I was very eager to give it a try. To Me, the effects and feeling of a-PVP really does tastes like MDPV. So if you are looking to try a-PVP for the first time and want to get a breif insight on the taste, just know that it is similar to MDPV.

  4. Barlet garry

    So I received a couple of grams of a-pvp from Coca-droppers.com in the mail about two weeks ago. Initially hard on the lungs, but seems to be effective in producing euphoria with mild stimulating effects, I wonder the long term effects as I am concerned about my friend. She said she got a bad headache not long afterwards, and wasn’t worth the effort. The first time use for me was a fair feeling.

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