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Researchers who are actively involved in studies of monoamine neurotransmitter regulation are probably aware of the convenience and reliability of working with ethylphenidate. This chemical is a close relative of methylphenidate (Ritalin) and has been on the market long enough to receive a thorough examination, including some quantitative studies on rats. It is believed to block transporter molecules for multiple transmitters, namely dopamine and norepinephrine, although with only minor impact on the latter. By adding ethylphenidate to its product catalogue, is assisting with acceleration of scientific examination of this intriguing and perhaps important group of compounds.Ethylphenidate for sale online

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A closer look at the composition of ethylphenidate molecule provides a simple explanation for its pharmacodynamic profile. This is a representative of substituted phenetylamines that features a piperidine ring attached to the primary chain, with a structure very similar to amphetamine. Still, it is specific for the addition of an ethyl acetate group, and this difference could be the source of variation of activity on the synaptic cleft. Since our ethylphenidate is over 98% pure, very precise experiment designs can be supported.Ethylphenidate for sale online


Our store specializes in research materials for in vitro laboratory use, and ethylphenidate and other products available from the website are approved exclusively for this type of application. Legal status of the chemicals depends on jurisdiction and buyers bear full responsibility to comply with any applicable local regulations. The substance must be stored and handled according to good laboratory practice and all safety precautions must be applied before, during and after the experiment. Please avoid any contact with humans or animals and seek medical attention in case of accidental exposure.Buy Ethylphenidate online