Hofmann LSD-Filz Blotter 166.30 ug

///Hofmann LSD-Filz Blotter 166.30 ug

Hofmann LSD-Filz Blotter 166.30 ug


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Hofmann LSD-Filz Blotter 166.30 ug

The European drug checking group that analyzed this dose unit of blotter issued a ‘high dose’ caution because it contains more than 150 micrograms of LSD.Hofmann LSD-Filz Blotter 166.30 ug

4 reviews for Hofmann LSD-Filz Blotter 166.30 ug

  1. Dosage

    I was very impressed with the service from coca-droppers. I tried them for the first time with a little apprehension, but I was totally wrong. Service is second to none and prices are excellent and very competitive. My order arrived in record time so I’ll definitely be using coca-droppers. In fact, I’ve placed my second order all ready. Keep up the good work coca-droppers.

  2. Samantha

    I tend to be pretty tense and this product really helps. i never travel without it, in fact it stays with me everyday as i can use it while at work and it will not make me sleepy it just calms me down so that i can focus again.

  3. Bass Millz

    That is very good product, well packed, accurate delivery, trustworthy. But shipping process is slow this time.

  4. Lano

    This is very effective. I take these before an interview and/or when I need to give presentations for work. I tend to get extremely nervous before and this is a healthy and non addicting resource to get me through it. If I take more than two in one day, it makes my eyes very sensitive to light and causes a headache as well. Best solution to avoid this is ensure you are well hydrated before taking more than 2 (daily) and Just rest afterwards. It takes a while to kick in so take it 30 minutes or an hour before the stressful event.

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